Portal – ‘Vexovoid’ [9]


As hard as all the sub genres may try to be the most extreme, how many albums have truly terrified you? It’s unlikely many will, but Portal have managed to deliver a fourth, frightful album, which will guarantee nightmares and despite this, you will still keep going back for more.

The Australians bizarre blend of black and death metal in an experimental manner has taken a slightly cleaner twist for ‘Vexovoid’ but this definitely does not result in a pristine or commercial record. Instead the murky depths are kept but each instrument has more clarity, creating a fear within the listener perhaps stronger than on previous records, due to the fact you can start to attempt understanding the process of this hellish soundscape.

The Curator’s gargling vocals are still full muttered blasphemies, however this time round they are slightly more audible, whilst wretched riffs cause so many twists and turns the brain is officially disorientated. With such a hideous description, one would assume that relief is embraced by the time closer ‘Oblotten’ reaches its creepy conclusion but instead you feel unsatisfied by the thirty five minutes of tinnitus-inducing torture and go back to replay it all over again. The band may have become slightly more accessible in the sense of live shows and interviews but this certainly doesn’t cause their music to sound any less inhuman than before.

Reviewed by Lily Randall

‘Vexovoid’ is out Feb 19th on Profound Lore.

You’ll like this if… You have a fetish for aural masochism performed by something far from human.

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