SYN:DROM – ‘Iconoclasm’ [8]


If the promise of Swedish death metal suddenly sends you onto a journey back in time, then you’ll be in for a surprise when listening to the second onslaught from SYN:DROM. The ashes of bands such as Entombed and Dismember are unearthed to some extent but this quintet manages to put a modern twist on an old classic of a genre.

The follow up from a debut is often deemed the most difficult to write, however ‘Iconoclasm’ showcases a defined evolution that continues to shove SYN:DROM into your face and the metal limelight simultaneously. The pace is as furious and as assisted by blastbeats as one would expect without time for breath, as vocalist Jonny Pettersson growls in a manner as burly as his beard. The album is smothered in technicality that keeps a consistent energy, however not enough to cause a crossover into more widdly realms. ‘Iconoclastic View’ tampers with the usual format by adding slightly robotic vocals and a more industrial groove but do not fear, this is not akin to Morbid Angel’s last attempt, as the brutality is kept throughout. ‘Black Dawn’ is the perfect opener as it storms into your ear cavities with a Nile-esque ferocity and is followed with a similar precision of melting solos and raucous riffs creating forty minutes of enjoyable fury.

Reviewed by Lily Randall

‘Iconoclasm’ is out February 15th on ViciSolum Productions

You’ll like this if…the idea of Behemoth, Nile and Hate Eternal wrestling one another arouses you.

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