Vreid – ‘Welcome Farewell’ [8]


After the sad events involving the death of Windir’s vocalist Valfar in 2004, Vreid was resurrected from the ashes of the remaining members to continue the black metal legacy of their lost warrior. However, for anyone that had hoped for a continuation of the folk-infused BM, a sixth album moving further away from their roots proves it is not likely Windir will be revisited in the Vried catalogue.

Admittedly, the Norwegian tradition still runs in the band’s blood and so the passion for darkness is as prominent as ever but, in a similar vein to previous record ‘V’, ‘Welcome Farewell’ relies more on melody than just straight up fury. The speed is still very much in tact, with tracks including ‘Sights Of Old’ seeping with Aura Noir tendencies for a thrash-driven tune, whilst ‘The Devil’s Hand’ is just one example of the black’n’roll fusion Vreid are most likened to. Honourable Windir influences can still be heard whispering in the background of ‘Way Of The Serpent’ and it would appear that the band have managed to embed enough outside influences to further evolve their slightly more accessible black metal. Unlike their forefathers, Vreid continue to use a clean and modern production which helps even the often forgotten bassist amidst the black metal mist in being heard. The overall record may not be a huge leap into unique realms but ‘Welcome Farewell’ is enough to prove that despite being coined as melodic black metal, Vreid are far from the wishy washy symphonies one might imagine and are likely to persist in pleasing with strength.

Reviewed by Lily Randall

‘Welcome Farewell’ is out now on Indie Recordings (?)

You’ll like this if… you welcome the farewell of black metal stereotypes and embrace the changes the genre has taken.

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