Introducing Desolator

The neo-thrash trend fronted by the likes of Municipal Waste and Havok may still be booming but there are still many clinging on to the roots of the genre and resurrecting it with equally ancient, scuffed up hi-tops. Cue Southampton based Desolator, who despite only starting two years ago have made quite a name for themselves. The trio made up of Jamie Brooks (vocals/guitar), Felix Dock (bass) and Sam Talbot (drums) love playing fast and Brooks sums it up perfectly. “Speed thrash ‘n’ roll! Thrash for us should be unhinged and fun, stripped down with every instrument being pushed to excite.”

Desolator’s consistent desire to party has done them favours, with a constant flow of gigs opening up around the country, especially thrash all dayers gathering a mental mass of followers. Their first gig was at one of these back in 2011 and despite only having two songs written, the band were invited eager ears. “We couldn’t believe our luck, it was an unbelievable way to start”, recalls Jamie. From then there have been support slots with the likes of Cannibis Corpse, DRI and Sacred Reich, giving the three piece more opportunities to showcase their energetically manic live shows. “Our recent show in Belgium at Thrash Till Deaf was definitely one of the best gigs we’ve been a part of. First time overseas for us, great old school line up & as much beer as we could physically drink!”

On the talks of beer, it’s clear Desolator worship the stuff, with lyrical themes akin to Tankard and the ferocity of Kreator or Whiplash. When asked if the band could survive without the liquid gold, we were left with a perfect lyrical answer – “Our currency is beer, our bank is the bar, Stay out of our way, you fucking rockstar, Alcoholic assault, none of your H2O, Staying sober? We say NO!”


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