Introducing Reptilian Death

The resurrection of Reptilian Death has been a long time coming but founder Demonstealer (Sahil Makhija) has finally grabbed it by its horns and completed the new album. With a few EPs and sporadic live shows from as far back as 2000, Reptilian Death’s old-school death metal attack seems to have finally found its desired, live form with Sahil on drums and Vinay Venkatesh (vocals) leading the way as the songwriters. What started as a death metal parody by Demonstealer alongside his other project Demonic Resurrection (who played Bloodstock last year), has turned into a more serious affair, with influences taken from the likes of Deicide, Immolation and Behemoth. “The new stuff is much deeper, darker and not your average death metal lyrics”, The Demonstealer explains. “The entire album is a story and a sequence of events so I’ll leave it to the listeners to check out the album when it releases and read through the lyrics to get a better understanding.”

With three projects to organise, as well as a record label, Sahil believes that the Indian metal scene is thriving. “The scene here at the moment is seeing huge growth with bands and music releases but we’re struggling a bit with touring and the logistics behind it. We Indian’s love Facebook so the social media space has completely exploded with fan interaction and we’ve got a whole lot of ‘online genre wars’ happening off late. It’s an interesting time to be an Indian band.” The hooded menaces unleash their second full length in May and with a promise of brutality and old school groove, Reptilian Death are bound to be slithering under your nose before you know it.

By Lily Randall

To be published in Iron Fist #5


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