Sodom – ‘Epitome of Torture’ [6]

After recently celebrating 30 years at the top of the thrash table, it’s understandable as to how they have achieved such acclaim. Unlike many of their comrades, the Teutonic troop manages to evolve each album with only slight adaptations, keeping a loyal following and a distinctively fresh sound one album at a time. Fourteen albums in and ‘Epitome of Torture’ is a far cry from the blackened onslaught of their younger years, with melody entwined throughout and this softer approach may be the final straw that causes listeners to screw up their noses in disgust underneath a curtain of messy hair.

Thankfully, the whole album does not follow suit from opener ‘The Final Bullet’, which has such a simple chorus it sounds almost driven by power metal. Once this is over, the rest of the album continues to have an array of catchy, sing-along choruses but the straight up thrash returns with the distinguishing rasps of Tom Angelripper. ‘Cannibal’ is likely to be a favourite ‘Epitome of Torture’ with an approach akin to their self titled album and you find yourself slowly relaxing into the sound you know and love, even if it is lacking in the bite of Sodom’s previous battles. Although fans will find it hard to hate due to a consistently gnarly twinge, overall it’s a disappointing leaving many worrying for the power of thrash in 2013.

Reviewed by Lily Randall

‘Epitome of Torture’ is out April 26th on Steamhammer

You’ll like this if…you refuse to replace your Sodom back patch over a slightly soppy album.

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