ENSNARED –‘Ensnared EP’ [6]


After a name change and move around in 2010, Swedish outlet Gravehammer reincarnated themselves as Ensnared and if you liked their previous form, you’re sure to enjoy their latest offering. In true Gothenburg style, Ensnared offer six songs of death metal muddied with occult themes and old school tendencies. By fusing both American and European DM influences and splattering them with black, the Swedes create a distinctive blend that will keep traditionalists content. Reincarnating rhythms akin to Nihilist and Repugnant keep the band somewhat bestial and whilst Gravehammer were okay, Ensnared sees the band evolving slightly more with harsher consequences.

Unlike their previous demo that included three tracks on this EP, the production is slightly less primitive with the band emerging from their underground caves and allowing their instruments to breathe a little. Needless to say, this by no means makes the EP clean and opening track ‘Adorations’ confirms this with uncompromising riffs and beastly drumming that continue throughout. For those who miss the underground noise of the likes of early Nominon or Entombed with a blackened twinge, Ensnared are an ideal stop gap and with only half an hour to go on this time round, we can only expect more from a full length.

Reviewed by Lily Randall

‘Ensnared’ is out Sept 6th on Nuclear Winter

You’ll like this if…you refuse to live past the nineties when it comes to death metal.

published on soundshock.com


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