GORGUTS – ‘Coloured Sands’ [7]


A death metal comeback is always going to be strongly anticipated but when two pioneering bands of different styles emerge from their studio graves, its mayhem waiting to happen. It’s been 12 years since Gorguts’ last release and although only the founder remains from the original line up, Luc Lemay has kept his roots well and truly grounded in their sound.

Their 1998 record ‘Obscura’ was a game changer on the scene, and though ‘Coloured Sands’ isn’t quite so avant-garde, it certainly confirms Gorguts are back and ready to slaughter. Their technicality is apparent without being arrogant like many younger bands and creates a haunting atmosphere rather than an epic one. The murky sludge of ‘Obscura’ oozes on certain tracks including opener ‘Le Toit Du Monde’ and in true Gorguts fashion, the bass is extremely prevalent causing additional density. The technical bruising and uneasy vocals help ‘Coloured Sands’ fit comfortably in today’s ocean of extremity and the chunky riffs and scatty drumming is bound to appeal, whilst the incredibly claustrophobic aura on tracks such as ‘Forgotten Arrows’ and ‘Absconders’ create a more underground stench. It’s a slow and suffocating experience but you’ll be glad you suffered brutality 12 years in the making. ‘The Battle Of Chamdo’ breaks things up as an orchestral instrumental and despite its softer sounds, it’s still capable of causing dramatic unease like a movie soundtrack and works as a breather before you are truly sucked into the ‘Coloured Sands’.

Reviewed by Lily Randall

‘Coloured Sands’ is out now on Season of Mist

You’ll like this if…asphyxiation via music sounds like the perfect foreplay

published on soundshock.com


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