NECROPSY – ‘Tomb of the Forgotten – The Complete Demo Recordings’ [6]


For many, the compilation disc is a money grabbing ploy, a collector’s dream or a newbies easy way in. In several situations this could be true but when it comes to Finnish death metallers Necropsy, it’s a bit of a godsend.  After their transformation from Anxiety to Necropsy in 1989, the band were spewing out demos at a ridiculous rate (nine in five years to be exact) before returning in 2011 with their first full length. This collection comes on three discs, chronologically ordered and creates an audible equivalent of ‘This Is Your Life’ for the Finns.

The foremost disc sees a primitive take on death metal and the lack of age and experience is very much apparent. This isn’t to say it shouldn’t have been included, as the thrashy undertones on each track and raw vulnerability is likely to appeal to the under produced buzz lovers. Not only that, but as the record progresses, the darkness intensifies with CD 2, which holds a more majestic mid-tempo rhythm and definitive death sound. Tracks such as ‘Garden Of Rotting’ prove Necropsy’s desire to experiment and evolve, with some serious Morbid Angel worship but by the final disc, the band has reached their peak.

A split with Demigod may provide you with a comparison of style, as both band’s sound equally disgusting on the release and despite a few repeated tracks throughout, it seems a shame Necropsy disbanded  soon after ‘Promo 1993’. ‘Tombs Of The Forgotten’ shows a band that could’ve easily competed with other DM bands of the nineties and although debut ‘Bloodwork’ was strong, the band would have been better off not stopping in their destructive tracks.

Reviewed by Lily Randall

‘Tomb of the Forgotten – The Complete Demo Recordings’ is out now on Century Media.

You’ll like this if…you enjoy seeing death metal evolve without putting in all the years’ effort

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