Purify The Horror – ‘Untitled EP’ [7]

When a band can’t be bothered to think up a name for their debut record and decide to stay anonymous behind pig heads, panic may ensue for many that this band are not mature enough for some attention. Purify The Horror prove you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover with explosive results, as their first and ‘Untitled EP’ makes you jump at just how intense it is from the word go. Hailing from Birmingham, the band have clearly taken inspiration from hometown heroes Napalm Death, with a grind album so filthy, it becomes apparent as to why they hide behind the faces of swine.

Regardless of only seventeen minutes to show themselves, the trio (consisting of members from Necrotize, The Solemn Curse and more) manage to horrify in every tempo, tone and torment they can think of and with ferocious results. Tunes such as ‘The Resistance’ have the ideal snappy tone expected from grindcore, whilst other moments chug along in a more deathly manner, with ‘Future And Fantasy’ being a prime example and Sergeant Squeals living up to his name on vocals. The pork obsession continues with ‘PIG’ showcasing the ever existent humour within the genre but what isn’t funny is how meticulous the timing is throughout, the precision is enough to help you appreciate the nastiness further. With ‘Untitled EP’ only being the start for the Brummie brothers, we can only assume they’ll be bringing home the bacon soon enough.

Reviewed by Lily Randall

‘Untitled EP’ is out July 30th on Dissected Records.

You’ll like this if…fresh, British bred grindcore is your ideal sandwich filler.

published on soundshock.com