Haiduk – ‘Spellbook’ [4]

Despite solo projects becoming a less endangered species, the metal community are still quick to give them a pat on the back for the simple fact they music with multiple instruments, without having any friends. Canadian loner Luka Milojica is undoubtedly a talented musician but he certainly isn’t going to get the sympathy vote and when just observed as a standard band, the music is nothing more than standard to match.

Guitarists are most likely to appreciate Haiduk’s debut ‘Spellbook’, as this appears to be Luka’s strength. Blending together the staples of black, death and thrash, its half an hour of pleasing riffs and plenty of depth that feels natural and honest but the rest of the elements get slightly forgotten about. Due to Milojica not being an octopus or a complete mastermind, the drums are programmed and although there is a diversity instead of pure blastbeat overload, one can’t help but imagine how much more brutal this would sound with a human pounding the skins.

The vocals are far and few between, which is a shame as when Luka opens his gob it’s a grisly, death-coated roar without fault and these bursts of throat certainly help to break up what would otherwise sound like a bloke jamming in his bedroom over Youtube. The production is as worthy as anyone else but for the most part ‘Spellbook’ is an almost-instrumental lacking a grasping story and certainly not one as magical as it calls itself.

Review by Lily Randall

‘Spellbook’ is out now independently.

You’ll like this if… you like extreme metal without the “screamy bits in your ear”.

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